About Us

About Primal23 Industrial LLC

Primal23 Industrial LLC is a fabricator, manufacturer and distributor of industrial rubber products, rubber washers, gaskets, rubber products and rubber bumpers.

We are a small group of engineers with combined experience of over 90 years coming out of various industries like LASER engineering, LASER wire marking and wire marking automation, high speed currency automation, high speed mail automation, centralized digital printing systems and printing automation, mainframe & midrange computer systems, retail printing, copying & signs and international sales.

Our expertise come from decades of experience at some of the most respected companies in the United States and Europe, including Xerox Corporation USA, Giesecke & Devrient GmbH Germany, Spectrum Technologies Ltd UK, BAE Systems PLC UK , Delta Computer Group USA, Bell & Howell Automation USA and Boeing Aerospace USA.

The Team

Andrew D Blanford

Andrew Blanford - Engineering Founder, Sales Manager and Operations Director

Born in Illinois and grew up in Iowa, Andrew comes from an extensive automation and field engineering background in high speed currency processing automation, centralized laser printing systems, mid range computer systems, roll to roll printing automation, Class 4 LASER maintenance, LASER Wire Marking automation and holds a degree in Electronics Engineering.

email - andrew@primal23.com

Jimmy (the Walrus) Fletcher - LASERS, Automation & Mechanical

Jimmy, a native of Iowa, comes from an automation background in high speed mail processing, centralized laser printing systems and Class 4 LASER maintenance and calibration as well as LASER Wire Marking automation.  Jimmy is sometimes knows as (the Walrus) for reasons unknown to us and seems we'll never know. 

email - james@primal23.com

George Allen - Automation and Engineering Design

George, a native of Texas, has extensive experience in designing and engineering large food and industrial pharmaceutical automation and engineering systems.  

email - george@primal23.com

Kam Collins - Manufacturing Lead and Materials Expert

Kam is a native Iowan who would describe himself as a serial entrepreneur and ran his own copy and sign shops and vending company throughout the state of Iowa for over 20 years.

email - kam@primal23.com

Ms. Ly Nguyen - Vietnam Operations Director and International Sales

Ms Ly Nguyen was born in Vietnam and has been instrumental in setting up international sales and manufacturing operations in Vietnam.  She coordinates Vietnam imports and exports as well as manages international sales staff.  She speaks English and Vietnamese.

Tiếng Anh / Tiếng Việt

email - ly@primal23.com

Kyle Blanford - Warehouse and Manufacturing Manager

Kyle was born and raised in Iowa and became an Expert Marksman in the United States Marine Corps.  His attention to detail and organizational skills have helped us develop an extremely clean, efficient and organized manufacturing and warehouse facility. 

email - kyle@primal23.com

Our Company Mission

To produce high quality rubber washers and rubber products and bring them to market at the best possible prices.

Our Longer Term Goal​

Our longer term goal is to create the world's first fully automated industrial system for the sales and distribution of rubber washers and spare parts.  We seek to build a system that, from the moment payment is received in the system, automation will; receive and parse the order, identify and locate the product or products, retrieve and count out the required amount, fill the order, and finally, label and ship the order to the customer.    This is a lofty goal for a small company, but we'll get it done.  It may be sooner or it may be later.  But it is this goal, that keeps us headed in the right direction.  Forward.  Lets get to work.